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Executive chef Joyce Lee pours tea over a fish dish for customer Ava Martinez at B Star Bar.

Executive chef Joyce Lee pours tea over a fish dish for customer Ava Martinez at B Star Bar.

Chicken and shrimp biryani baked with peas, toasted almonds, egg and cilantro.

Chicken and shrimp biryani baked with peas, toasted almonds, egg and cilantro.

On many evenings, getting a table at B Star Bar in San Francisco’s Richmond District can take hours. But at lunchtime, the Burmese-inspired eatery offers plentiful seating and quick service.

Neighborhood resident Brenda Kahler usually dines at the restaurant in the evenings but recently stopped by for lunch. She particularly liked the combination, for $11.50, of a small soup and a tea-leaf salad made with ingredients like peanuts, sesame seeds, tomatoes and tea-leaf dressing.

“I can’t really say there is anything I didn’t like,” says Ms. Kahler, a 34-year-old controller at a consulting firm. “I typically do a sandwich or salad for lunch so B Star is a nice change from the ordinary.”

Other popular items on the menu include chicken and shrimp biryani, a rice dish baked with peas, toasted almonds, egg and cilantro for $12, and meatball jook, a rice porridge with pork and beef meatballs for $10.95.

Joyce Lee, executive chef at B Star and its sister restaurant, Burma Superstar, says she generally serves big portions for dinner. But she likes giving lunchtime diners at B Star—a mix of neighborhood residents and workers from the Richmond and the nearby Presidio—a chance to try several items. So she serves several combination options with a small version of an entree along with a side dish. “Little tastings of the menu are popular,” she says.


B Star Bar is located at 127 Clement St. in San Francisco and is open for lunch Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

—Vauhini Vara, Wall Street Journal

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San Francisco Guardian Online – Jook Nook At B Star

The Blob is calling it: in terms of adventurous flavors, cute and spicy Burma Superstar offshoot B Star in the Inner Richmond has the best brunch going in SF right now. The Zen-lovely space draws a diverse crowd, the prices are “nice brunch” (satisfying entrees, $8–$13, from 10am-3pm) without getting opportunistic about it, and the menu includes Mexican favorites with a Burmese twist.

First, a couple piquant Bloody Marys ($6.75 each) and a dive into a good-sized cauldron of justly renowned roasted Brussels sprouts ($6.75), savory with furikake, fish sauce, and parmesan, but perked up perfectly with crispy popped rice. The star of the dazzling B Star brunch menu is a duck hash quesadilla — probably the least Burmese thing you can think of (roasted potatoes and veggies topped with two eggs over easy and zingy radish slaw), until you notice the “quesadilla” is in fact a platha, a delicately fried and spiced flatbread related to Indian paratha, similar in texture to a tortilla, but both more oily and flaky, giving the shredded duck a hearty base.

If you’re not a duck brunch fan (or you have a share-friendly companion) head to B Star’s yummy “jook nook” menu. The Blob is forever addicted to the home style, DIY version of the steamy-hot, Asian rice porridge comfort food served at Outer Richmond faves like Ton Kiang or Jook Time. But B Star’s gussied up big-bowl selection, starting with base ingredients like shredded chicken with thousand year old egg or pork sung with pickled mustard greens and fried noodles, comes loaded with all the extras, including scallions, chili, ginger, and peanuts. A dash of soy and your day is made.

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